As a young boy growing up in Vietnam, I used to marvel at passing planes gracing the blue sky. I used to dream about being on one of those flights, soaring across the earth and visiting strange places I couldn’t even fathom. It seemed out of reach back then. We barely had enough to eat, so how would we ever afford to board an airplane? No, it was an impossible dream.

Years later as I settled into my seat on a transatlantic flight to London, I looked back at the path that got me there. I couldn’t have pictured it back then, this journey to realize and impossible dream; but alas, it did come true. There was a lot of hard work, sacrifice, failures, heartaches, headaches, and pain. Little goals built roads where big dreams could be fulfilled.

launching the DREAM together

This site isn’t a magical pill you can take to suddenly fulfill your goals. It’s my personal portal to share my biggest dream of financial freedom and early retirement and the journey it’ll take for me to get there. I’ll share my failures, successes, stories, and personal and professional insights on a variety of topics.

A lot of people recommend that the first step in reaching your goal is to write it down and make it real. This is me writing that down. This is me owning my future.

So if you’re ready to launch your own dream, or if you’ve already launched it, then let’s go down this path together. We’ll support each other by holding each other accountable, providing insights where required, and helping each other reach our ultimate prize. As Arnold Schwarzenegger eloquently put it, “No one can do it alone… Don’t ever, ever call me a self-made man. It gives the wrong impression that we could do it alone. None of us can. The concept of a self-made man or woman is a myth.”

So, I’ve already told you my dream. What’s yours?