Can hope triumph?

The headlines get crazier each day. Natural disasters strike near and far. Nuclear war seems imminent. The rhetoric abroad escalates the potential for global catastrophe. The rhetoric at home deepens the chasm between ordinary people.

Scandals, protests, unrest, unease, and riots dominate the national conversation. Good jobs are scarce. Students graduate with burgeoning debts they cannot pay. The gap widens between the rich and the poor. Assimilated immigrants and citizens suddenly feel like outsiders once again.

The old blames the young. The young blames the old.

No one seems to take responsibility for anything.

Everyone claims to be right, but by that definition, everyone must also be wrong. No one seems to want to meet in the middle.

On and on.

This is the landscape we are confronted with each day.

It tires me out.

I try to drown it out but the words floating in the air always seem to find my trodden ears.

I’m fearful of what the future looks like, but I’m hopeful that the good of the common human experience prevails.

I continue to hope and continue to contribute the best I can and live an honorable life. I believe in humanity.

By day’s end, my body’s beaten and my mind overwhelmed.

Then I drown myself in silence. Sitting in this darkened room, the mind clears. When all the noise fades away, a sweet serenity pervades the space.

In this emptiness, hope remains.

Onward to tomorrow.

Do the best I can. That is something I can control.