Wouldn’t you be bored if you retired early? What would you do with yourself? Where would you go?

People ask these questions all the time. Well, don’t worry my friends. I have a plan!

First and foremost, we have to reach financial independence, meaning we have enough cash reserves and investments to last us until we fade to black. The “retire early” part can be a gradual process, depending on how happy we are with work at the time we reach financial independence.

If we do decide to call it quits, here is one possible scenario (and my favorite) of our lives thereafter:

With my 20 years or so of experience in the aviation industry, I could teach at community colleges or small universities all over the world, moving from one school to another every year. That would satisfy my wanderlust and would give us time to truly immerse ourselves in the culture of the place we’re staying in. It would also give us ample opportunities to make new friends.

It would also keep me mentally engaged, filling my time with something fulfilling to do. The last several years at Boeing have taught me a valuable lesson about myself: I love mentoring and teaching people. Though, that mentoring passion might not translate well into a teaching career. I remain hopeful that it would.

Additionally, the teaching gig would provide a safety margin and keep us from having to draw from our savings. Having healthcare would certainly be a huge benefit. Since I would be teaching mainly for the joy of it, I don’t see stress becoming an issue.

Sounds amazing right? It probably isn’t that simple. For one, getting visas to stay a year anywhere could be problematic, but I hope the highly skilled engineering experience I bring with me would be enough to open borders.

What do you think of my plan?